Available Positions

Currently Accepting Applicants for Undergraduate and Graduate Trainees for:

1) Graduate Students for projects on microvascular dysfunction in human lung infections due to common pathogens (3-5 years funding available) - Multiple ongoing projects related to bacterial (Staph. aureus, Strep. pneumoniae), viral (influenza, SARS-CoV2 via BSL3) and fungal (Candida and Aspergillus) are ongoing in lab directly or in collaboration with other groups. Projects focus on microvascular inflammatory cell death pathways, biomechanical forces (flow and stretch) regulating infection dynamics, impact of tissue oxygen on lung microvascular function and integration of immune cells using advanced tissue engineering and live-cell imaging techniques.

2) Graduate Students for Severe Malaria-related projects on microvascular dysfunction in the human brain and lung (3-5 years funding available)

3) Currently Accepting Applicants for Related Undergraduate Projects

All trainees will be provided:

***For inquiries, please contact Lab PI Mark Gillrie Directly - mark.gillrie@ucalgary.ca with CV, most recent transcripts (undergrad and graduates not PDA), and brief message of interest (1-2 paragraphs). Potential candidates will be contacted and references potentially requested if initial meeting proves promising for both parties! ***