Mark Gillrie MD PhD

Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases Physician, and Lab Principal Investigator

Projects: Yes, he does experiments in the lab!

Kristine Lee

Laboratory Technician

Part-time, 2020-

Expertise: Western Blot, ELISAs and Real-Time PCR

Mortaza Fatehi Hassanabad

MSc Graduate Student 2020-

Co-supervised by Dr Bryan Yipp

Projects: Bacterial Pneumonia and Ventilator Induced Lung Injury

Hellen Kang

MSc Graduate Student 2021-

Projects: Role of hypoxia regulators in bacterial pneumonia

Kelsie Volek

BME Honors Project 2021-

Project: Generating a high throughput lung on a chip to study fibroproliferative ARDS

Theo Nelson

BHSc Honors Project 2021-

Project: Integrating human alveolar macrophages into a human lung on a chip

Joining Soon!!

We are a small lab but are growing! We expect another Post-doctoral Associate, Dr. Rehan Mohammad, to join the lab in Feb-Mar, 2022


Bryan Yipp MD MSc

Dept. of Critical Care Medicine, University of Calgary

Lung Immunology

Lab Website

Roger D. Kamm PhD

Dept. Mech and Biological Engineering, MIT

Tissue Engineering

Lab Website

COVID-19 Lung Imaging Collaborative and BSL3 Team

Drs Paul Kubes, Chris Mody, Jennifer Corcoran, Craig Jenne, Margaret Kelly, Nathan Peters and Braedon McDonald

News Article

Jeff Biernaskie PhD

Dept. University of Calgary

Tissue Repair and Bioinformatics

Lab Website

Lung Injury Collaboration

Drs Margaret Kelly, Matthias Amrein, David Proud, University of Calgary

Airway Inflammation Research Group

COVID-19 Clinical Trials Group

Dept Medicine, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Calgary

Drs Deepa Suryanarayan, Davinder Sidhu, Alejandra Ugarte-Torres,

Study Nurses: Traci Robinson and Suzanne Westcott