Mark Gillrie - Lab PI

Mark R. Gillrie MD PhD FRCPC - Lab Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Calvin Joan Snyder Institute

Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist, Department of Medicine, Foothills Hospital, Calgary, AB

Affiliations - University of Calgary Biomedical Engineering

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MD / PhD Training: PhD Immunology, University of Calgary with Dr May Ho - Vascular function during Severe P. falciparum malaria, University of Calgary, 2004-2012

Clinical Training: Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases - Alberta Health Services / University of Calgary, 2012-2017

Post-Doctoral Training:

  • Dr Roger Kamm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017-2020 - Project: 3D Tissue Engineering and Cellular Trafficking Models - Website, Google Scholar

  • Dr Bryan Yipp, University of Calgary, 2015-17 - Project: Engineering Human Lung Microvessels to Study Sepsis Website, Google Scholar

  • Dr May Ho, University of Calgary 2012-2015 - Project: Endothelial Protein C Receptor and Coagulation System in Cytoadhesion of P. falciparum malaria.