Gillrie Lab

Infectious Diseases on a Chip

The Gillrie Lab focuses on understanding human cell-cell communication involved in globally important infectious diseases including pneumonia (bacterial and COVID-19), severe P. falciparum malaria, and central nervous system infections.

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City of Calgary 4th Largest City in Canada and Top 10 most liveable cities in the WORLD!(care of
University of Calgary Foothills Hospital and Research Campus2nd Largest Hospital in Canada, 10 minutes from Downtown
Banff, Rocky Mountains World Class Mountain Sports 1 hour away!

Why Calgary:

Calgary has recently been ranked 4th or 5th most livable city in world and 1st in North America. The city has one of the youngest populations amongst major cities and a growing tech industry that is home to one of the largest biotech purchases in Canadian history (Link).

University of Calgary is ranked top 25% globally and has risen rapidly in rankings as an relatively young institution. The main medical research facility is attached to one of the largest tertiary hospitals in the world, the 1000+ bed Foothills Hospital, which conducts world-class clinical research.

Strong support for trainees is available through competitive pay, strong graduate and postdoctoral associations, plus access to universal health care with extended health, dental, and parental leave benefits. Please see attached for information on graduate students (Link) and postdoctoral fellows (Link).

Lab Location:

Room 4A29A HRIC

Health Research and Innovation Centre (HRIC)

3330 Hospital Dr NW

Calgary Alberta T2N 4N1